Side Effects of Drugging Our Children

When I was growing up 40-50 years ago, it was rare for children to be on drugs and medications. The shelves of the corner store were not full of over-the-counter drugs by the hundreds. Sure there were a few pain killers, some creams and Band-Aids, Vick rub, Calamine Lotion and other things used for first aide. Fever reducers like Tylenol for children were unheard of. I remember small pink baby aspirin was the only thing my mother had in the house for my 10 siblings and me if we had a headache or an injury while we were young. We only got an occasional shot when going to the doctor’s office which I think happened 5 times my whole life. When we were down with chickenpox, measles, swollen glands, the flu and many other normal childhood ailments, mothers just knew to let them run the course and in a few days, children got better. Rarely did children need medical attention for these normal illnesses that are part of growing up and developing immunity.

Doctors are like gods, Never to be Questioned!

I also remember how people never questioned the doctor; he would be insulted and frown on anyone questioning him. You were to obey the doctors “orders” completely. You were not educated enough to understand the complexities of medicine and the body. The doctors know what is best and those old-fashioned remedies your grandmother used are out-dated! When my mother went to see a chiropractor in the 1970’s, they were scorned upon; you could never tell your medical doctor that you were seeing one of those “quacks”! He would fill your head with fear and say that they kill people and cause strokes! My mother got off all her medications after going in for migraine headaches and started a whole chiropractic revolution in this family! I married a chiropractor and 2 of my daughters are now practicing chiropractors! I can understand why the medical doctor didn’t want people to discover chiropractic…not good for the drug business!

New Era of Sick Children

In the 1950-1970’s, terms like attention deficit, hyperactivity, (ADHD) learning disability, autism and psychotropic illnesses like depression in children were so rare that these terms were unknown and not part of daily conversation like they are today. Then in the 1970s, something began to happen to the health of US children. A new specialist in medicine was promoted: the pediatrician! This doctor’s responsibility is to tell you if your baby is “healthy”, thus the “Well-baby visit”. The family doctor was replaced with this specialized doctor and parents were told that responsible parents take their baby in for the “well-baby visits” every 2 months the first year of life. The visit would include multiple injected vaccines and medications for every symptom the baby would display. Parents trusted the medical authority because he was “trained” and few people questioned the schedule. Young parents were taught to fear illnesses that were considered normal in years past. Pediatricians encouraged Mom and Dad to reduce fevers, telling them it is dangerous and must be reduced or baby could die. People embraced the medical model, a new form of religion based on “faith” in the doctor. The rights and confidence of parents eroded and they were dependent on the new system. The local pediatrician became the “legal drug pusher” in the neighborhood and the corner drug stores are selling drugs like candy!

Prior to the 1970s, 94% of the children in this country were symptom-FREE and healthy, displaying no signs of chronic illnesses. By 1994, chronic illnesses began to climb and 12% of US children were sick with something. The vaccine schedule was also increased during this time and more children were getting vaccinated as the years passed. By 2006, 26% of children now have many different chronic illnesses including asthma, diabetes, learning problems, ADHD, seizure disorders and other neurological problems never seen before in the pediatric population! The increase continued and by the year 2011, almost 50% of our youth is plagued with various chronic illnesses including depression, anxiety disorder, obesity and now the autism rates are 1 in 50 children.

Something has really gone wrong! As a little girl I got 3 vaccines my whole life; the small pox (no longer given) the tetanus and the polio (sugar cube). Then they added the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine in 1978 along with boosters and introduced the combined Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus vaccine (DTP). Children born in 1983 may have gotten 6-10 vaccines. By 2002, they got 22 doses for 13 different diseases…by 2010, 38 vaccines for 19 diseases. The use of Tylenol and other fever reducers increased and were advertised as the way to “treat” a fever to reduce it. No one was paying attention to the consequences.

Drug Industry Explosion

By the 1990’s, the drug industry was growing the local apothecary was replaced by franchises like Rite-Aid and Walgreen’s and the way to drive the industry was through television and magazine ads. Our society is now saturated with the drug culture. The governmental agencies like the Center for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration became the authorities that everyone listened to for guidance and approval. Do you think they have a vested financial interest?

Killing our Children…Slowly!

The FDA Approval of this medication is a complete scam. There are no safety studies done to see how any of these medications will affect children over the course of their lifetime. Around 1987, Tylenol was recommended for use in children with no safety studies showing it is safe. By 2005, they sell 29 Billion over-the-counter pills to Americans, many of these are consumed by infants and children. On television we hear terms like, “The most doctor recommended….” Really?

I recently discovered that 90 over-the-counter (OTC) drugs contain Acetaminophen, used most commonly in Tylenol and other medications. This chemical is causing major liver disease, immune system malfunction, completely stops detoxification channels in the brain and can permanently injure children and adults! If I know this information and they don’t that makes me really smart of they are really out of touch with reality or they really do not care! (See article Side-Effects of Acetaminophen on my front page)

Statistics of Children on Drugs

This is shameful and I feel great grief thinking about this generation of children. They may never get to enjoy childhood like I did, they may never graduate from college, play in sports, have successful careers or have children of their own. Shame on us! We have allowed this to happen to our society, our precious offspring, the future of this country. Here are sobering facts that I hope will open eyes and force badly needed changes:

  • The very agency that approved drugs as safe (FDA) had to pull 1,742 prescription drugs in 2009, which was a gigantic increase from 426 drug recalls in 2008. Imagine all those doctors giving out those drugs to thousands of people telling them that they are safe! Doctors trust drug companies who sell them the drugs. They are the legal drug-pushers who get paid very well to write prescriptions for dangerous drugs! They are not giving health care, they are into prescription care!
  • Antidepressants are very dangerous. The #1 side effect is suicide! Children in the United States are 3 times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than European children.
  • The infant mortality rate in the United States is nearly 3 times higher than in Singapore, Cuba, and every other developed nation in the world. That means that we have more babies dying the first year of life than 33 other countries! We rank #34.

Here are those “New Terms” that were non-existent:

  • 54.1% of our children are obese, developmental delayed, or have 1 of 20 chronic illnesses
  • Autism – 1 in 91 children o AD(H)D – more than 11% of boys o Asthma – 10% of children or 7 million
  • Eczema – 20% of children o Allergies – 50 million Americans
  • Food Allergies -8% of children under age 3 already have food allergies
  • The big picture now is 20 million children (approximately 1 in 3) are affected
  • American children are less than 5% of the world’s population yet they consume more than 85% of the Ritalin sold worldwide. In 1961 the Food and Drug Administration approved Ritalin for use by children with behavior problems. By the year 2000, 6 million American children were prescribed it, roughly one child out of every eight. Gene Haislip, retired assistant administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration said, “We have become the only country in the world where children are prescribed such a vast quantity of stimulants that share virtually the same properties as cocaine.”

Some questions to ponder

If I only got 3 vaccines, how have I managed to live a long healthy life? In fact, most baby boomers, which make up the largest segment of population, only got a few vaccines making at least 50-60% of the population “unprotected”! We should all be dying from those infectious illnesses they vaccinate for like chickenpox, measles, mumps, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B, meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, and cervical cancers! Come on now…what about the “Herd Immunity” theory that 95% of the population MUST be vaccinated to protect us all from epidemics?

Why haven’t they studied the people in society who do not utilize drugs and medications or vaccinations and compare their health to those who do?

How did man-kind live for thousands of years without all these drugs? How is it that animals live in the wild without vaccines and drugs?
If vaccines are safe, why use the “Strong Arm” of the government to force them on society?
Why haven’t we taken clean water, sanitation and nutrition to 3rd worlds countries? We certainly have given them all kinds of vaccines though…and yet they are sick and dying?
There are 350 new vaccines in the final stage of approval…are you willing to take them, by force?

I hope this article starts a revolution of “ACTION”. We are running out of time folks and our children are the biggest victims of this crazy medical monopoly. I hope you are MAD and ready to start acting, stop doing those things that make you and your children sick. There is a better way!