Do Vaccines Cause Autism

This is now the most controversial health care question facing parents today. Is it possible that vaccines cause autism? Are thousands of parents who feel that vaccines were the #1 reason their children regressed into autism just wrong? Is the government doing all that they should to understand this crisis?

The autism statistics don’t lie. No matter how you crunch the numbers, autism has increased faster than any other health problem ever facing children in our history. The increase of autism went from 1 in 10,000 children 25 years ago to 1 in 110 children and specifically 1 in 68 boys. There are many environmental factors also involved such as pollution in our air, water and food, chemicals and plastics and the huge consumption of pharmaceutical drugs, but consider these basic facts. Autism is affecting children no matter where they live or how they live. It affects the wealthy families and the poor, the children living with smog in major cities and children in the rural country. Matters not if a child is raised with a really good diet or children who eat processed junk foods, autism has no prejudice.

The one thing most of these children have in common is they all start vaccines within the first months of life and if a child is fully vaccinated they will get 38 vaccines by the age of 2. Most autism is diagnosed by the age of 18 months when development slows or stops as observed by parents. The true test would be to study the un-vaccinated and compare them with the vaccinated population. This is the one study that would really show how vaccines are affecting a whole generation of children. Until this independent study is done, can we ever be sure that vaccines don’t cause autism? After 30 years of vaccine research, I believe that the #1 cause of autism is the vaccines. Until we are willing as a society to stop and get some answers, I believe the epidemic will continue to grow. A responsible society must be willing to stop anything that could possibly contribute to this crisis.

Vaccinology is based on outdated medical paradigm called the allopathic model, the mechanistic model or conventional medicine where everything is compartmentalized. This understanding started in the 1920s and lasted until 1985 and that is when they rewrote the immunology textbooks. Immunologists were taught the immune system is a separate part of the body and is isolated: has autonomy. They thought the only thing that would respond to vaccine is the immune system (with no regard for how the adjuvants or other ingredients will affect the immune system or rest of the body). This would be like saying that when we eat, the only thing that will be affected is the stomach! The second problem is the “Gold Standard” of public health Vaccinology is the measurement of a high titer antibody response as a valid sign of efficacy … antibody is only one small part of the entire picture. Current science knows high antibody is a sign of chronic on-going infection and susceptibility to infection. Here is some basic immunology:

In utero: By 5th week in the developing baby, the thymus is open for business…it invites the stem cells to learn to become T-cells and they direct immune response. The (TH1) arm of the immune system begins in utero but is suppressed in utero so baby doesn’t attack mom and mom doesn’t attack baby. This immune balance is influenced by mother…exposure to heavy metals, recreational drugs; antibiotics and alcohol all have a direct effect in the baby’s immune system. For years, it was common knowledge that you never gave a pregnant mother a vaccine or medication that contains mercury, aluminum or lead. For some reason they say it is now safe even though we understand how delicate that unborn baby’s developing brain is! Giving Flu vaccines with mercury and aluminum is absolutely crazy!

The TH1 arm of the immune system is to identify acute illnesses, thru multiple exposures, process them and excrete them resulting in dominant Th1. The Th2 arm is where long term immunity develops, is in the background, takes years to develop and requires multiple exposures. Going down the birth canal stimulates the Th1 into action! As a child travels down through the birth canal, they pick up necessary bacteria and flora from mother by their mouth and nose that stimulates the Th1 arm into activity. Then when the baby gets the first breast milk, colostrum, it also encourages Th1 and the bacteria to colonize and establish healthy gut flora. The gut is where 75% of the immune system lives and the bacterial flora is very important for healthy immunity. Healthier children have a Th1 dominant immune system and life-long immunity because Th1 cells are the infection fighters, especially intracellular viral infections. It is no accident when babies put everything in the mouth; this is the innate wisdom in charge so that it can learn all about their environment! It is also common for babies to have runny noses, run fevers, swollen glands and body rashes as the immune system processes the bacteria and other things that a baby is exposed to. This is all part of normal natural immune development. The immune system takes about 5-7 years to develop and if respected, and not interfered with a child will be really healthy.

We do it backwards in this country! The new understanding considers the whole individual realizing that when we inject a vaccine, the whole body is affected. When a pregnant mother gets a vaccine with aluminum or mercury it can disrupt the delicate balance in the unborn child. Also, the use of antibiotics during pregnancy and labor can greatly affect the unborn child and mother, putting the child’s immunity at risk. Then if the child is born by cesarean section (C-section) and does not come down the birth canal, that child is at another huge disadvantage. The first vaccine given Hepatitis B (which is full of aluminum), drives the immune system in the opposite direction than what human nature would have it go, directing it to the Th2 response ……causing an imbalance. If the baby is not breast fed, they are at another disadvantage…formula does not do what mother’s milk does for the baby’s digestive or immune system……Then baby goes into the pediatrician’s office for the “well-baby visit” at two months to get several aluminum and mercury laced vaccines drastically suppresses the Th1 to more generation of Th2.…again the vicious cycle continues…..38 different vaccines by the age of 18 months. It is no surprise to me that we have a whole generation of children suffering with auto-immune malfunction illnesses! The immune system has never had that type of imbalance generated in the history of mankind! I believe this is proof that the vaccine program is based on “Junk Science” and should be halted immediately.

Yes, vaccines may cause autism and many other health problems because they drive the immune system in the opposite direction than what nature would do, a Th2 dominance. The toxic load is just too much for the undeveloped immune system as well.