Sheriff Plan of Action

This program can be applied to any unlawful mandate coming from Washington that violates your rights. This was initially made for vaccines but can be easily adapted to other concerns.

These steps will help to make it easy to get to your sheriff and speak your concerns. We need to let our voices be heard and we do not have much time. Contact Mary for all the supplies you need to empower your community and educate your sheriff! Letters to the sheriff, petitions for signatures and the right support so you can get meet with your sheriff and get him to defend you as a citizen. Follow-up with a call from Sheriff Mack and have the sheriff sign the “Statement of Intentions” to get a commitment.

Your sheriff will either be in the “Hall of Fame” or our “Hall of Shame” depending on how he/she responds to our call to action! God Bless America and Free people…get busy NOW!


Swine Flu Action Plan from Growing Children Green on Vimeo.



Here are the resources for you to approach your local authorities:

  • Letter to Sheriff Download
  • PowerPoint Presentation Download
  • National Vaccine Petition
  • Statement of Intention