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Word Association for Vaccine Education

Age of Autism

Vaccines and Autism

Hope For Autism (HFA) and the The American Chiropractic Autism Board (ACAB)

Michigan for Vaccine Choice (formerly Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines)

Children of God For Life – Aborted Baby Tissue used in Vaccines

National Vaccine Information Center

Global Vaccine Institute

Autism & Information for Parents

Vaccine Resource Guide

PAVE – People Advocating Vaccine Education

Autism Action Billboards and State Exemptions

Canada Vaccine Risk Awareness Group

Australia Vaccine Org

Watchdog Group – Citizens Commission on Human Rights International

Vaccine Information Site (In Spanish)

Gardasil Vaccine Research

Autism, Gut and Vaccines

MMR Vaccine and Autims

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and MMR Vaccine

Vaccines, Autism and Gut Disorders

Best Charts & Graphs

22 Studies: Vaccines Cause Autism

World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE)

Autism Research Institute

American Chiropractic Autism Board

Critical Thinking for a Critical Dilemma: a Site for Physicians

Former FDA Employee Dr. John Martin’s “Stealth Virus”

Vaccines & the Mercury Content

Anthrax Vaccine Information

Complete Vaccine Ingredient List

Congressional Hearings – Autism and Vaccines

Vaccine Package Inserts

Behavior, Vaccines and Gut Disorders–%20Jyonouchi.pdf

Vaccination, Autism and Gut Disorders

Brain Injury From Vaccination

Discover Magazine: Autism and Vaccines

Drug Watch Children

F. E. Yazbak, M.D. – The Infant Mortality Rate: An Index of a Nation’s Health

Polio Vaccine Geonicide in Uganda

Measles Risks for Children

The Risk of Diabetes After Vaccines

Hemophilus Vaccine Study in Finland – Vaccines Diabetes

Children and the Flu Vaccine = More Hospitalization

Mercury On the Mind

The Great Gardasil Vaccine Cover-up

The Medical Time Bomb of Immunizations

A Look at Polio

Andrew Wakefield, M.D. – “In His Own Words”

24/7 We Report

State Exemptions and Laws

Military Vaccine Resource Directory

Anthrax Vaccine – Fast Facts

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System