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Mary is a international speaker and leading expert on the topic of vaccines and raising children naturally. Her presentations are based on medical and scientific documentation and fully referenced. Mary’s 30+ years of research are packed into a high-energy presentation that will challenge the medical mind and educate people so that they can make an informed healthcare and vaccine decisions.

As a dynamic speaker, your audience will be forever changed and challenged. Please invite Mary to be a Key-Note speaker at your next convention or educational event.

She currently offers these presentations:

  • Vaccine Risks, Rights and Responsibility (2 – 4 hours CCE credits for chiropractors)
  • Building Natural Immunity Through a GREEN Lifestyle (2 hours)
  • Raising Children Natures Way (4 hour educational seminar)
  • Preparing for Conception and Making a Birth Plan (3 hours)

Vaccine Risks, Rights and Responsibility: This presentation can cover the following topic and can be designed specifically for the group. This presentation has been approved for 2-4 hours of continuing education credits and is fully referenced. (depending on the length and the topics presented).

  • Vaccine Production
  • Vaccine Ingredients; thimerosal (mercury), aluminum and many more
  • Current Vaccine Schedule; history & increase
  • Natural Immunity Benefits; understanding natural immune system development
  • Vaccine Immune Suppression; hyper-immune response
  • New Vaccines; Gardasil cancer vaccine, rotavirus, HPV & new vaccines being approved
  • Chronic Illness Statistics in Children; asthma, autism, learning disabilities, depression, diabetes, ADHD…
  • Scientific literature review on the chronic illness & vaccine increase
  • Helping Vaccine Injuries; rebuilding immunity & re-building the body
  • Vaccine Rights; religious, medical & philosophical exemptions to vaccines

Building Natural Immunity Through a GREEN Lifestyle:

This presentation will discuss immunity from conception forward and highlight the natural ways to keep it developing. I also highlight the many things that can interfere with natural immunity in our environment.

Raising Children Nature’s Way: This presentation will examine all of the environmental risk factors now affecting this generation of children including:

  • Problems in conception and pregnancy and genetic sensitivities
  • Traumatic birth consequences and options
  • Food, air, water and other environmental toxins in the home
  • The role of chemicals and decline in health
  • The role of natural immune development and vaccine caused autoimmunity
  • The over medicating of our children, antibiotics and psychotropic drugs
  • Nutrition and food introduction for children
  • Health care options for the natural family
  • Healing our families Nature’s Way!

Mary will custom design the right presentation for your group. She is a passionate speaker who will keep you on the edge of your seat!

To have Mary Tocco present at your conference you will have to provide for all expenses, speakers fee or honorarium. Mary takes this controversial topic, filled with conflicting public information and makes it easy to understand for parents. She is on a mission to empower parents and people to take responsibility for their health and needs your help to reach your community!

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