The Autism Rates: The Autism Atom Bomb is Ticking

The crisis is real, what could be happening to the American children? Why are they so plagued with all neurological problems that were not a problem 30 years ago? Why are so many suffering with allergies, learning problems and autism?

Where is the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in this national crisis? What are the parents of a million children or more going to do in 10-15 years when these children become disabled adults? These are hard questions that we must ask if we want to stop the growing trend.

Many claim it is “better diagnosis”. This is not plausible! If that the case, where are the 20 million adults who would be autistic, non-productive members of society using services for housing and care at the tune of 3 to 5 million a lifetime?

Other researchers scramble to find the genetic cause to explain the increase. The gene pool changes very slowly and it would have to be a toxic exposure in utero that would explain a huge segment of our babies regress into a neurological illness before the age of 2 years. Most likely it is not from a genetic source.

There must be an explanation and it must be due to some exposure in the environment, but what? I ask this question: If 1 in 88 (1) children were going blind at the age of 18-24 months, would we stop and try to figure it out? Would the nation be focused on these children? Why is autism any different? Are the children no longer worth the effort to sort this catastrophic mess out? Here is a list of contributing “environmental” factors we must be willing to look at as possible factors in the autism crisis:

  • Thousands of chemicals in foods including artificial sweeteners, food enhancers (MSG), fillers, and preservatives (to name a few)
  • Pollution in the air, water and soil from the industrial age, affecting our food, fish, our brains, lungs and all our organs. • Artificial chemicals now assaulting every home from cleaning goods, carpets, fabrics, sprays, fertilizers and building materials.
  • Television, computer, microwave and other un-natural forms of radiation.
  • Different ethnic backgrounds. If we are going to examine what we are eating, breathing and exposed to, we must also look at what we are injecting into every American child from birth forward.

FACT: Autism hits children from diverse ethical backgrounds, children raised with a healthy diet and those who eat fast foods; children raised in the poor neighborhoods and the wealthy kids, children born in the city and in the country, those who live in the mountains, the dessert or by sea. Autism does not discriminate and is not particular. It appears that being a child is the only qualification for autism…or is it?

In looking over this list above, if we were to find that one of these categories was the culprit, what would happen to the companies making those products? Would we shut them down or regulate them better? Perhaps we would stop production of some chemicals or increase the liability and ethical responsibility of the companies who are making those products and profiting. Not likely to happen. They have too much money and power; they would lobby in Washington to keep the status quot. What if none of these things is the real culprit?

Proof is in the Pudding

I know of a population of 22 thousand families (1-4 children per family = approximately 30-40 thousand children) born between 1972 and 2010 (2 – 30 years old) that were raised in the greater Chicago area, a large metropolitan port city with the same pollution, chemicals in the air, water and food, completely different ethnic backgrounds, some who were economically poor and some very wealthy, completely diverse life-styles. According to the CDC statistics, 1 out of every 88 of these children should be on the autism spectrum. That would mean that out of 30,000 babies (minimum) born in this segment of population, 341 should be autistic. This group has NO AUTISM!

This is a real group of people who were born in Chicago, Illinois by a group of physicians who keep pretty good patient records. The head physician (1) also stated that these children who grew up in his practice were rarely ill, had no allergies and are basically very healthy kids!

The BIG question is than…what did this group of 22 thousand parents and physicians do differently than the rest of the population? Why do they not have autism? This group of physicians was delivering babies at home for 38 years and did not encourage vaccines. The head doctor told me that almost all parents opt to NOT vaccinate their children. Amazingly, to the best of my knowledge and his knowledge, this group has no autism!

That illustration is very real and should make it clear that the #1 cause or contributing factor in autism is most likely the vaccination.

The CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics Are Guilty!

Why is it that more than a billion has been spent in the last decade on the “genetic” cause of autism and no money is spent on the environment cause? It is obvious, if they can convince the public that it is genetic, they are off the hook! If it is discovered that the vaccines are the main cause of autism, they have a huge crisis on their hands unlike anything we have ever seen before in the history of the United States. The American parents would lose confidence and trust in the CDC and the whole vaccine industry would come to a screeching halt!

Who is Monitoring the Autism Statistics?

Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop! The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network (ADDM) funded by the CDC is tracking the autism crisis. One would think that with the technology advancements, we would have a way that all 52 states could report to a central data base statistically every year. This would give us an accurate number of children nation-wide so that we could see the full impact of this crisis and begin to prepare for their care. The 1 in 88 statistic is based on only 14 states and only parts of some of those states. The true numbers are minimized and misleading. Currently, the number of states traced by ADDM has dropped to 12. Furthermore, CDC has removed states with high and/or rising rates. Following the 2002 report, New Jersey, Utah, West Virginia, and Arizona were all removed from ADDM. These 4 states were ranked #1, #3, #5 and #6, respectively. This seems to be systematic purging of high prevalence states. Another problem, this is based on children who were born in the year 2000 and are now 12 years old! This does not count all the children between 3-11 years old. The rates of autism are most likely 1 in 60 children but we do not know for sure.

The Risk of Not Vaccinating

Do the risks of vaccines outweigh the benefits? That is determined by how much a person has studied the facts. Most people say that the vaccines are safe for most people; they admit there will always be a few who get injured. Because the autism crisis is not linked “officially” to the vaccines, it may appear that it is safer to vaccinate. Because I have been watching this whole crisis develop and have been intently researching this topic, I believe they are lying and covering up the truth. When we look at the numbers of children who died from measles, for example, before the vaccine was approved in 1963, death from measles had dropped dramatically because of improved sanitation, better nutrition, clean water and education about hygiene. The vaccinologists would credit the vaccine for reducing the death rates but the rates of death had dropped to 5% by 1955. Than in 1985, Texas had a huge measles outbreak in which 99% of the children with the measles infection were recently vaccinated for the measles. Unfortunately, little attention is focused on that facts and usually, facts like that are well hidden from the general public. That brings up the question; Is the vaccine program causing outbreaks of an illness that was fading out? It makes it very difficult to really see true statistics when the people keeping track of the stats have a vested financial interest in the outcome. I have found that most pro-vaccinators have not really done the research, including most pediatricians who encourage vaccinations.

Ask any parent with a child with autism: Would you prefer a week of chickenpox or whooping cough or a life-time of autism? I have asked many parents that question that have children with autism…the answer is usually said with tears of regret streaming down their face… “I would do anything I could to turn back the hands of time, if I only knew what I know now.” Parents are not wrong; they know their children were injured by the vaccines that were supposed to “protect” them. Parents know the truth regardless of what the CDC or the doctors tell them. They know their children better than anyone and most have videos of their babies showing the before and after vaccine changes. Bogus and Deceiving Safety Studies For years, they have been scrambling to hide the truth through medical studies funded by the very people who are profiting from the vaccines. (3) The 14-16 studies they constantly use to defend the safety of vaccines only looked at one ingredient, Thimerosal (mercury) and one combination vaccine, the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. NEVER HAVE THEY STUDIED the effects of giving multiple vaccines to newborn babies, full of aluminum, phenol, acetone, and many other carcinogenic chemicals. There has never been a study looking at the un-vaccinated population and comparing them to the fully-vaccinated. They know the truth but they don’t give a damn about the truth.

The whole system is set up strategically to protect itself from the public and from any liability. Big pharma is protected by the government so that with any vaccine, even if a child dies, they are not liable! I find that disgusting… our government protecting a “private” industry, acting like a mafia organization. They mandate and try to force the vaccines and then refuse to be held accountable for the negative outcomes. The vaccine industry is making billions in profits and yet, they are completely off the hook if those vaccines cause injury. How in God’s name did we allow this to happen in America? What will it take to stop the insanity?

Parents are angry and believe that vaccines cause autism. What needs to be done now?

I recommend that everyone who feels the way I do, share information with those you come in contact with. It is up to the people to make the needed changes. Vaccines are a “consumable” and if parents decide to no longer vaccinate, the system will have to change. My fear is that before we can exercise our rights to make this medical decision, they will try to remove that right from us.

Vaccine Education Revolution

I am calling for a Vaccine Education Revolution. Those who are guilty must pay a price and make restitution for the injuries caused. Physicians must respect the parent’s right to informed consent and must stop harassing those who decide to not vaccinate. Parents must stand up against the system for our children’s sakes. Time is of the essence, we may lose a whole generation of children to various vaccine injuries, autism being one of many.

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